Review All Documents Fetched From an Automated Account

All new documents from automated connections are auto-archived. If you wish to send all new documents for a particular vendor into the Review tab you can adjust that setting in Hubdoc. 

To push all new documents into the Review tab:

1) Click the 'Accounts' button.

1) Click the 'Automated Accounts' tab.

2) Scroll down to the desired account.

3) Click the blue down arrow next to the relevant sub-account.

4) Un-check the checkbox "Archive documents with no configured destinations" to enable all new documents to be sent to the review tab.

Bank statements and other documents automatically fetched from a bank connection with no configured destinations will by default have the 'Auto Archive' checkbox selected. If you wish for bank statements and other related documents to arrive in the 'Review' tab for your review before archiving them, uncheck the box next to "Archive documents with no configured destinations".

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