Auto Archive - Moving Documents out of the Review Tab Automatically

Hubdoc's 'Review' tab is for documents that have either been automatically fetched or uploaded manually but have not been published to an integration. Once manually uploaded documents have successfully run through Hubdoc's Extractor, the documents will move out of the 'Processing' tab and into the 'Review' tab 

Once you have reviewed and approved data extracted from a document in the 'Review' tab, but do not wish to publish the document to an integration, you can move this document out of the 'Review' tab into the 'Archived' tab by clicking the 'Archive' button at the top of the Edit Data Bar, as seen below. 

If you wish to automatically archive all documents for a particular vendor that do not have a publish destination configured, you can do so by following these instructions.

1) Click the 'Accounts' button.

2) Scroll down the page to the vendor in question.

3) Click the blue down arrow next to the relevant sub-account.

4) Check the checkbox next to "Archive documents with no configured destinations" to enable this.

Bank statements and other documents automatically fetched from a bank connection with no configured destinations will by default have the 'Auto Archive' checkbox selected. If you wish for bank statements and other related documents to arrive in the 'Review' tab for your review before archiving them, uncheck the box next to "Archive documents with no configured destinations".

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