Edit a Vendor Name

Unfortunately at this point in time, Hubdoc does not support the ability to delete manual vendors. You can however, change the vendor name.

To change a vendor name follow the instructions below:

1) Click the 'Accounts' button.

2) Click the 'Manage Accounts' page.

3) Click the 'Manual Accounts' page.

3) Scroll down to the vendor of which you would like to change the name.

4) Click the pencil tool next to the vendor name.

5) Edit the vendor name.


NOTE: The name change will affect all documents which use this vendor name.

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  • Avatar
    Dawn Scranton

    Reasons why it would not "SAVE" ?

  • Avatar
    Nick Klaponski

    Hi Dawn, name of the vendor should save if you click 'Enter' twice

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