Change your Unique Email Address

It is possible to change the unique email address associated with your Hubdoc account. To do this follow the steps outlined below:

1. Log in to your Hubdoc account. 

2. Click 'Accounts' in the top right corner of your dashboard

3. Select the 'Profile' tab. 

4. Scroll down to the "Upload documents via email" header. Below this, you will see the current unique email address.

5. Select 'Edit' next to the unique email address. 

6. Enter the email prefix you would like to use. Please note: this email will still end with and the previous email will no longer work.

7. Click 'Save'.

You have successfully updated the unique email address associated with this Hubdoc account! Add your unique email address as a contact in your address book (ie. Hubdoc) so you can easily send files via email moving forward.

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  • Avatar
    Margo Pokopac

    I did this and it wont change- says each time- something went wrong. Does it need a certain combination of letters numbers and characters?

  • Avatar
    Jeff Pinto

    Hi Margo - No specific combination is required. Would you be able to email us at with the details and we'll take a look? It may be that the email prefix you're trying is being used by another client.

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