Organizations Page

The accountant portal is also called the Organizations Page. This is the accountant and bookkeepers dashboard. This dashboard allows you to toggle between client accounts, add employees and staff members, and create new client Hubdoc accounts. You can always return to this page by clicking the three line stack icon in your Hubdoc account.

Name: This is a list of your client accounts you have access to with your personal account at the top.

Staff: This indicates how many staff members have access to the client account. Click on the number to see which users have access to that particular client.

Status: This indicates if an automated account needs attention within the client's Hubdoc account or if a downstream cloud destination has been disconnected.


Access: This indicates the type of permission you have for each client.

Subscription: Indicates the type of account subscription each client is enrolled in. Paying-Partner is a client paying for their own account whereas Paying-Client is a client account you're paying for.

Add clients: Easily add clients from the Organizations Page by clicking the 'Add Client' button. This will require the client's first name, last name, company name and email address. When adding your first client you will be asked to enter your billing information before adding the client's information.

Manage Users: Users are staff members and employees of the firm. To add an employee or staff member, click the 'Manage Users' button to access the manage users page. From this page you can create staff member accounts and grant them access to clients' Hubdoc accounts. Learn more about the 'Manage Users' page.


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