Edit Vendor Folder Location in Hubdoc

Occasionally you will want to change the location of where files end up in Hubdoc when they are fetched. For example, if multiple staff members have cell phone accounts with the same vendor that the company wants to expense and it is easier to differentiate accounts by name rather than account number. To do this, take the following steps:

1. Wait for the initial fetch to complete. 

2. Click the down arrow and select "Add New Folder" from the drop down menu next to the vendor.

3. Enter a the name for this new folder.

4. Drag and drop all historically fetched documents that you want in the new folder. (You can select multiple documents by holding the control button as you click the relevant documents.)

Once all historical documents are in the correct folder, you can now update the account settings to ensure all future documents also go into this folder. 

5. Click "Accounts" in the top right corner of the dashboard.

6. Scroll down within "Manage Accounts" to the vendor you want to edit the document location of.

7. Click the blue down arrow next to the relevant account name or number. This will popup a yellow menu box.

8. Click "Edit Location" and select the new document folder location.

9. Scroll down and select "Save" at the bottom of the yellow drop down menu. 

All future documents from that account will populate the new folder created.

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    Jack Ulsh

    I need to be able to have all of my documents saved in folders that are named by the date that they were loaded. In other words when my customer sets down to load all of their receipts for a days activity I want them to create a folder with the days date as the folder name and then load all of that days receipts into that folder.

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    Jack Ulsh

    The next day they would follow the same technique. Therefore I would end up with a series of folders named by date, with no regard to the vendor from whom the purchase was made.

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    Jack Ulsh

    After further research, I have found that the Hubdoc feature "Add a Tag" will work very nicely to satisfy the requirement that I spelled out in my prior comments.

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