Delete Duplicate Vendors

Unfortunately at this point in time, Hubdoc does not support the ability to delete manual vendors. 

A temporary workaround is by editing the document location for the duplicate vendors into a new, properly named folder.

1) Locate the folder with the vendor name that is correct.

2) Drag all files from the other duplicate vendors folders into the this folder.

3) Delete the other folders using the blue drop-down arrow next to the folder name.

4) Change the other manual vendor's document location.

5) Select the properly labeled folder as the new location.

6) Click 'Save' to save the new configuration.

Future documents fetched or uploaded with incorrect vendor names will be sent to the new document location. 

Capitalization does not effect vendor name however special characters and spaces do.

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  • Avatar
    Arlo Miller

    its an awful lot of work to edit them as you suggest. Instead, we need to be able to merge these duplicate vendors.

  • Avatar
    Derek Grills

    I agree...It is foreseeable that we (accountants) may create a new folder for something we had done weeks/months ago... Once we catch the duplicate, we need to be able to easily correct it. I folder merge or a all document move feature would help. This problem will exist as businesses change things, we need to be able to clean it up efficiently.

  • Avatar
    Mary Hackenberg

    How long is it going to take the developers to fix this? We need to be able to delete the duplicate vendors.

  • Avatar

    Any updates to this? We'd really appreciate if we could delete and/or merge vendors. Unfortunately, not being able to do so is creating a mess for our accounting.
    Thanks for the consideration and work!

  • Avatar
    Nick Klaponski

    Hi Tom. This has not yet been implemented, however it is in the works. Thanks for your patience as we evaluate the best solutions to solve this problem.

  • Avatar
    Rose Kavanagh

    @Nick Klaponski -- Yes, I too agree, that the "delete" option should be available for the users. And its been a couple of months since you updated us - is there a further update we should be aware of.

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