Publishing Deposits and Refunds

You might be wondering how to publish deposits and refunds to a cloud accounting software?

Unfortunately, at this time Hubdoc does not have a great solution for publishing documents as deposits or refunds. Hubdoc is unable to publish a negative dollar amount to QBO or Xero due to API limitations. We will hopefully have a solution for this soon.

Quick Books Online:

Documents can only be published as a purchase or a bill.


Documents can only be published as a Purchase, Spend Money transaction, an Expense or an Invoice (Account Receivable).

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    Doug Binkley

    this didn't help with a Refund at all.

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    QBO: The "Publish To" field needs to include "Credit Card Credit"

    Many clients make returns and I have to manually enter these receipts in QBO. You all have an option for "Vendor Credit", but not "Credit card Credit". All of these various vendor entries within QBO are very similar. Surely it wouldn't be asking too much of you all to add this option in HubDoc?

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    Tyson Cecka

    I would appreciate this feature for QBO. We get a lot of receipts which actually need to be Deposits in QBO.

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