Publishing Deposits and Refunds

You might be wondering how to publish deposits and refunds to a cloud accounting software?

Unfortunately, at this time Hubdoc does not have a great solution for publishing documents as deposits to Quickbooks Online and Xero. Hubdoc is unable to publish a negative dollar amount to QBO or Xero due to API limitations. We will hopefully have a solution for this soon.

Publishing Refunds to Quick Books Online:

Hubdoc allows users to record refunds from vendors to QBO by configuring the document as a vendor credit.




This can be utilized if a vendor supplies you with a credit document that indicates you no longer owe the amount stated on the document. The “Vendor Credit” document type appears under “Type” in QBO as a “Supplier Credit”.

When publishing as a Vendor Credit to QBO, Hubdoc allows you to configure the documents Vendor and Account, as well as add multiple line items and a description.


Publishing Refunds to Xero:

Hubdoc allows you to add a credit note that is not linked to a sales invoice by publishing the transaction as a "Credit Note". You can allocate the credit note to an invoice later.




When publishing a document as a credit note in Xero, Hubdoc allows you to configure the documents Status, Contact, Credit Note Type, and Account Code. As well as publishing multiple line items and a description.

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  • Avatar
    Doug Binkley

    this didn't help with a Refund at all.

  • Avatar

    QBO: The "Publish To" field needs to include "Credit Card Credit"

    Many clients make returns and I have to manually enter these receipts in QBO. You all have an option for "Vendor Credit", but not "Credit card Credit". All of these various vendor entries within QBO are very similar. Surely it wouldn't be asking too much of you all to add this option in HubDoc?

  • Avatar
    Tyson Cecka

    I would appreciate this feature for QBO. We get a lot of receipts which actually need to be Deposits in QBO.

  • Avatar
    Carmen Canle

    Yes I agree we need a credit card credit field to allow this to be a negative value through Hubdoc rather than having to load these manually.

  • Avatar
    Dru Heffington

    Still waiting for this to happen. So bulky trying to get refunds and deposits into QBO. Any update on when this will be available to us? I just don't understand why this is such a problem to have this feature. Thanks for making this a priority to provide.

  • Avatar
    Kirk Johnson

    Agreed. The Deposit and Credit features don't work in QBO. There needs to be a Credit Card Credit feature. The Vendor Credit works fine if the client is on terms with a vendor, but is useless for the vast majority who use credit cards as part of their business every day.

  • Avatar
    Holly Trafelet

    Ditto on the transaction type "Credit Card Credit"

    I have a client in the Construction Industry that makes purchases with a Lowe's or Home Depot credit card and it would be awesome to process receipts for returns on purchased on a credit card. The credit card credit transaction type would certainly help me out a lot!

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