What do the Graphics Represent

 Yellow Triangle: The document is in the review phase and needs your attention.

 Red Triangle: Hubdoc is unable to connect to one of your accounts, such as a bank account or a vendor. Hubdoc may be encountering personal verification questions or codes. It is also possible that the vendor's website may have recently changed. In this case, Hubdoc may need to update its connection with this website.   

 Green Check Mark: The document has been archived.

 Blue Clock: This indicates the the document is undergoing Hubdoc's data extraction process. This can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to 24 hours depending on the size of the queue of documents that need to be processed.

 Do Not Enter: This means the document has failed during our data extraction process or failed to publish successfully to an integration such as QBO, Xero,, or one of the document storage platforms. Documents can fail during our data extraction because the vendor name, date and total amount are not clearly displayed, the document is hard to read (wrinkled, ripped, etc) or the document is out of the scope of our data extraction (i.e. is not a receipt, bill or invoice). With regards to documents failing to publish to an integration, there are many possible reasons this can happen. Hovering the mouse over this symbol in the "Edit Data" bar (the panel on the left-hand side of the screen) may show why this document failed to push to the appropriate integration.

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