Get Hubdoc Certified

To become Hubdoc certified visit and enroll in the course. We have 5 certifications available, depending on your tech stack:

  • Hubdoc Advanced Certification
  • Hubdoc ProAdvisor Certification
  • Hubdoc-Xero Partner Certification
  • Guru
  • Hubdoc QBO MasterClass

What the courses consist of

Short lectures made up of videos and quizzes.

What you will learn

You will learn the main value points and gain a better understanding of the functionality of Hubdoc.

How long will it take

Each course will take 30-45 minutes to complete.

What you will get

You will become a Hubdoc Partner and have the honour of displaying a Hubdoc Partner badge on your website. This material will be sent to you upon completion of the course.

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  • Hello!
    I have one question please. I finished Hubdoc Proadvisor QBO course but I didn`t get any material from you. Can you tell me do I have to do something more or?
    Vladimirka Dasic

  • Hello
    I have the same question as above. I finished Hubdoc Proadvisor QBO course but I did not get any material from you. Can you please tell me if there's anything else I need to do?
    Thank you,
    Dan Bales-Kogan

  • Hello! I, like the two previous commenters, have completed the QBO course a week ago and have not received anything as to whether or not I received the certification. I have also complete the Hubdoc Advanced Certification and have not heard anything on that either. Please advise on the process, because what was mentioned is not what is happening. Thanks!

  • Hello
    I am like the previous comments. Have completed 4 Hubdoc courses and not received any emails.
    Please advise. Thanks

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