Push Historical Documents to Google Drive

To publish all documents which were synced to Hubdoc before the connection with Google Drive was created, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Hubdoc account main dashboard, select the blue drop-down arrow beside the "All Documents" folder.
  2. Select "Push to Google Drive".


Important note: If you are pushing documents to cloud storage platforms it may affect the "status" of the document (Processing, Review, Failed). If a vendor has not been previously configured to publish to one of your cloud accounting downstream integrations (QuickBooks Online, Xero,, publishing a document from this vendor to Google Drive will automatically change the status of a document to 'Archived'. This is especially important to be aware of when you pushing your 'All Documents' folder, as documents whose vendors are not yet configured in your 'Processing', 'Review' and 'Failed' tab will be automatically 'Archived'.

Helpful tip: Before pushing all of your documents to Google Drive, ensure that your 'Processing', 'Review', and 'Failed' tabs are accounted for. 

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