Change SmartVault Folder Structure

Connect your SmartVault account

Change SmartVault folder destination

Change SmartVault Folder Structure

To push documents to SmartVault which were uploaded to Hubdoc before the SmartVault Sync:

1. Select the 'Destinations' tab.

2. Select the folder structure type next to the SmartVault destination. Either "All documents in one folder" or "Copy your folder structure from Hubdoc".

3. In the Hubdoc account main dashboard, select the blue drop-down arrow beside the "All Documents" folder.

4. Select "Push to SmartVault".

If the document indicates it has been published the past, it will not publish again even if the file has been deleted in SmartVault. To publish a document again, click the "republish" button under SmartVault integration on the edit details page. 

In SmartVault, 'Accounts' are blue. 'Vaults' are grey. 'Folders' are yellow. 

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