Unique Email Address

The best way to have employees send documents to Hubdoc without giving away login credentials or access to sensitive information, is by using the unique email address.

To find the unique email address associated with the Hubdoc account, follow these instructions:

1. Sign into Hubdoc and select the appropriate client's account.*

2. Click "Add Receipt".

3. Copy the unique email address associated with the account.

4. Documents sent to the unique email address will appear in the 'Processing' tab.

We suggest giving this email address to clients and employees who need to send documents into Hubdoc but don't want to give the employees full access to sensitive documents in Hubdoc.

*Accountant and bookkeepers with access to the partner portal screen.

What about the mobile app?

At the moment the mobile app and the web app share the same login credentials. Logging in to the mobile app gives full access to documents in Hubdoc. We suggest employees save the unique email address as a contact in their phone called "Hubdoc". Employees can send pictures of receipts and documents directly into Hubdoc by emailing them to this contact.

We are revising our mobile application and should have better user permissions in the new update.

 Click here to find out how to edit your unique email address. 
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