Create A Manual Vendor

The first time you manually upload a document onto Hubdoc, Hubdoc will extract the vendor, date, and amount from this document and create a new manual account based on the vendor name. 

If you would prefer, you can choose to create this manual account for yourself. 

To create a manual account: 

1. Login to your Hubdoc account

2. Click 'Add Account'

3. Navigate to the 'Manage Accounts' tab

4. Click on the 'Manual Accounts' tab

5. Enter a name in the text box (e.g. 'Starbucks' or 'Fuel' or 'Restaurants')

6. Click the green 'Create Vendor' button.

This vendor name will now appear in your summary of accounts. If you scroll further down, Hubdoc will have created a manual account with this vendor name. You will now be able to configure this manual account.

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