Configure a Document to Push to a Cloud Platform

1. Select a document.

2. Click on the 'Edit Data' bar (represented by a pencil graphic) on the right side of the screen.

3. Scroll down to the 'Destinations' section of the Edit Data bar. 

4. Select the Destination you would like to publish the document to.

5. Click 'Configure' under a particular Destination.

6. Enter the mandatory edit data fields indicated by the star (asterix symbol) '*'.

7. Check the 'Save Configuration' box to have Hubdoc remember the same configuration every time it recognizes this vendor.

8. Check the 'Autosync' box to have Hubdoc automatically send documents to this destination when they are recognized by Hubdoc.

9. Click 'Publish'. Hubdoc will now create an entry in this particular cloud platform using the settings that you have selected.


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