Spend Money Transactions

Once you have connected your Hubdoc account to your Xero account (click here for instructions on how to do so), it is time to configure your Hubdoc connections to push new documents to Xero. 

You may choose to configure some of your accounts on Hubdoc to create Spend Money transactions in Xero. Xero offers this explanation about Spend Money transactions. 

To enable Hubdoc to create spend money transactions automatically in Xero. Please follow these steps: 

1. Log in to Hubdoc.

2. Click 'Accounts'.

3. Navigate to 'Manage Accounts'.

4. Select the account which you want to push to Xero (e.g. Evernote).

5. Click on the blue triangle associated with the individual account.

6. Click on the 'Send to Xero' check box. 

7. Select 'Spend Money'.

8. Select the 'Account Code', 'Contact Name', and 'Bank Account' which have been pulled from your Xero account. 

9. Select the green 'Close' button.

Every new document fetched from this account will be automatically pushed to Xero based on the configuration you have set up. In the example, Evernote documents will now be created in Xero as Spend Money transactions with the account code 486 - Software, and a contact name of Evernote. 


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