Best Practice: Uploading Receipts

Click here to find out how to upload a document to hubdoc

There are multiple ways of uploading receipts to Hubdoc including:

Drag and Drop

Receipts can be dragged and dropped straight into the document column in Hubdoc from your computer.

Upload from Computer

Receipts and be uploaded by selecting the file from your computer.

  • 1) Click 'Add Receipts'.
  • 2) Blick 'Browse'.
  • 3) Select receipts from computer and click 'Open'.


Send by Email

Receipts can be sent into Hubdoc via email using the unique email address found at the bottom of the add receipts page. To find the unique email address follow these steps:

  • 1) Click 'Add Receipts'.
  • 2) Locate the unique email at the bottom of the page.

Click here to find out more about the unique email address  

Mobile App

Once logged into the correct Hubdoc account on the mobile application, you can take a picture using the photo function and the receipts will appear immediately in Hubdoc.


What to Include

In order for Hubdoc to accurately extract information from a receipt that you've manually uploaded, each receipt needs to include the date, vendor name, and dollar amount. 

When Hubdoc finishes extracting this data, Hubdoc will create a folder based on the vendor's name under the "Uploads" folder.


At this time, Hubdoc can manually extract receipts that are uploaded as single files. Hubdoc is unable to extract data from PDFs with multiple receipts, even if each page features a different receipt. 


You can manually upload single images of any format, PDFs, plain text files, html files, and Word files to Hubdoc. Hubdoc does not have the ability to unzip folders. Hubdoc is unable to extract data from Excel files.


The exception to the one-receipt-per-file rule is when you manually upload a single file with two receipts for the same transaction. For example, you can take a photo of your two receipts from lunch side by side. One receipt features the initial invoice from the vendor and the other includes the credit card transaction with the tip. Hubdoc will extract information from the receipt with the larger dollar amount (the receipt with the tip). 


In Canada, having these two images side by side is invaluable for auditing and the Canadian Revenue Agency. Having these two images proves that you were billed for the service and that you paid for it. 

Integration with Xero

If you intend to integrate Hubdoc with Xero, please ensure that each file that you upload is 3 MB or smaller. If a file is larger than 3MB, then Hubdoc will be unable to push this file through to Xero.



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