Remove a Client's Account

Follow these steps to stop paying for a client's Hubdoc account:

1. Login to Hubdoc using the account that is paying for the client account.

2. You should now be logged in to My Hubdoc, our partner portal. In the top right of the screen, click on your name and then the 'Settings' link. 

3. Navigate to the 'Billing Information' tab on the Manage Accounts screen.

4. Scroll down the page to 'Client Accounts'.

5. Hit the 'Downgrade' button beside the client account that you want to remove. You are removing this client's Hubdoc account from your Billing Profile which means you are no longer paying for the account. You will also no longer have access to the account from your 'My Hubdoc' Partner Portal. 

6. Click on the Confirm link that appears after you have hit the 'Downgrade' button. 

Here is the link with instructions for how your clients can start to pay for their own accounts. 

What happens to the client account? The client will still have access to the account and its' subscription status will be 'non-paying' which means that Hubdoc will no longer fetch documents automatically for that client and that documents that are uploaded will no longer have data extracted until the client resumes payments. 




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