Add A Client Who Has Multiple Companies

Hubdoc has a limit of one accounting platform connection of each type per Hubdoc account. For example, you cannot connect to two QBO accounts simultaneously from one Hubdoc account.

You can however connect to different accounting platforms with one Hubdoc account. For example, Hubdoc can connect to one QBO and one Xero account simultaneously.

Multiple Hubdoc accounts publish to one QBO or Xero account.


If your client has multiple companies, you have two choices:

1. If your client needs to publish documents to an accounting platform (such as QBO or Xero) and they have multiple accounts on the accounting platform, then your client needs to have multiple Hubdoc accounts.

2. If your client only needs to publish documents to one account on an accounting platform, then your client only needs one Hubdoc account.

Please Note: Each Hubdoc account will need to have a unique email address associated with the account. You can create an email alias as a convenient workaround.

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    Connie Sparks

    Do they need to use a different email address for each account or is there a way to have more than one company account with one email login?

  • Avatar
    Edward Aguiar

    If I have two companies, each with the same two users and each company needs to sync to different accounting accounts, can I get away with two accounts? Each of the two users will setup own company yet give the other user access to the information in the company they setup? Or would I need two accounts?

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    Nick Klaponski

    If the companies are using two different accounting software (QBO & Xero) you can use one account. However, if the two separate accounts are using the same accounting software, you will need two Hubdoc accounts. There is no limit to the number of users allowed access to a single Hubdoc account, but user accounts are non-functional and only function for the purpose of toggling into the accounts they are collaborators on.

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