No More Data Entry with our Data Extraction

Every receipt, bill, and statement that enters Hubdoc goes through our data extraction process. Computer software mines these documents for data, and then Hubdoc adds in some human quality assurance to certify that the correct information is extracted.

Extractor means no data entry or filing for you!

Extracted Information

The date, amount, and vendor's name are extracted and stored in Hubdoc along with the document. If present, the invoice number and due date are also extracted.


The extraction process generally takes fewer than 24 hours. Documents waiting to undergo the extraction process can be found in the 'Processing' tab. Once Hubdoc has completed the extraction, documents will move to the 'Review' tab. If Hubdoc is unable to extract information, documents will move to the 'Failed' tab.

Extraction Issues

A document could fail the extraction process for a few reasons. The most common are:

  • An image is too blurry, crumpled or faded to properly recognize the information.
  • A piece of mandatory information including the date, amount and/or vendor's name is missing from the image.
  • There are multiple receipts in the same image. With the exception of multiple receipts for the same transaction (for example: the original invoice from the vendor and the credit card transaction with the tip), our data extraction is unable to distinguish multiple receipts in the same image.
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  • Can you make it clear that I should wait for this process to occur before publishing to Xero? If I publish to Xero before the OCR has occured then the bill created in Xero has nothing in it except the grand total which *I* had to manually enter in Hubdoc.

  • Does it help or hinder when receipts are previously scanned with ScanSnapp and formatted as a "searchable PDF" by Abbyy FIneReader?

  • Will the OCR process extract account or customer id numbers on a statement or invoice (I.e. Utility bill)? If so, where in the details section would it appear? If not, where could that information be manually entered as to sync properly with quickbooks online?

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