Upload Documents To Hubdoc

There are three different ways to manually upload documents to Hubdoc:

  1. Snap a photo with the Hubdoc app on your smartphone
  2. Click 'Add Receipt' on the Hubdoc dashboard and upload a file from your desktop
  3. Send an email to the personalized email address that Hubdoc issues each customer

Hubdoc pulls relevant information from these documents as they enter Hubdoc. Click this link for more information about the extraction process.

Document Status Tabs in Hubdoc will indicate where in the extraction process an uploaded document is. For more information on these tabs, watch the video below.


If you have uploaded this vendor to Hubdoc before and set configuration rules for an accounting platform, Hubdoc will save these configurations for the new document. Click this link for more information about how Hubdoc integrates with other cloud accounting sites.

For more information on how to find the unique email associated with a Hubdoc account, click this link.  

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