Configure An Account to Forward New Documents To Your Email Forward Address

Once you have set up your Hubdoc account to allow for email forwarding (see the link to set it up here: Setting up email forwarding), you need to select which accounts forward documents to the email address. Follow these instructions to set it up:

1. Login to Hubdoc. 

2. Hit the 'Accounts' link in the top right of the home screen of the application

3. Select which account you want to forward to email and click on the link below the Date Added field. 

4. A yellow control panel will appear below the selected account. See the screenshot below. The last option underneath the Destinations heading is a check box that says 'Forward to Email Addresses'. Click this check box and hit the Save button. All new documents fetched from this account will automatically forward to your email forwarding address. 

Bam. You have now set up email forwarding for this account. 





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    Shari Broder

    I've never seen anything without a help button anywhere. Aren't there any tutorials? How does one learn how to use this?

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