Connect to QuickBooks Online


1. Log into Hubdoc. 

2. Navigate to Manage Accounts by hitting the 'Accounts' link in the top navigation

3. Select the Destinations tab

4. Select the Connect button beside the QBO logo (It may take a minute or two to establish the connection)

5. Authorize Hubdoc to get access to your QBO account. 

Your Hubdoc account is now connected to QuickBooks Online. From now on, when you manually upload a receipt onto Hubdoc, Hubdoc will extract the key data from the receipt. When Hubdoc has extracted this data, Hubdoc will then automatically create a transaction in QuickBooks Online with the original source document attached.

Check out the following support article for instructions on setting up an individual account to push to QBO


*Please note, Hubdoc is currently unable to connect with QuickBooks Online's Simple Start Small Business Accounting platform in Canada. 


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