Connect to QuickBooks Online

To connect a client's Quickbooks Online account to their Hubdoc account: 

1. Log into Hubdoc. 

2. Navigate to Manage Accounts by hitting the 'Accounts' link in the top navigation

3. Select the Destinations tab

4. Select the Connect button beside the QBO logo (It may take a minute or two to establish the connection)

5. Input your Quickbooks Online credentials.

6. Select your Firm’s name from the drop down.

7. A list of your clients will appear. Please select your client’s QBO company.

8Authorize Hubdoc to get access to your client's QBO account. 


To connect Hubdoc to a QBO Accountant Company:

1. Log into QBO.

2. Navigate to the “Apps” page.

3. Select Hubdoc from the list of Apps to connect.

4. Select “Connect Now” under the “Already a Customer” option.

5. Choose your Company QBO account.