Add Your First Account

1. Login to Hubdoc. 

2. Select the Add Account button at the top of the Hubdoc Home screen. 

3. Type in the name of the company you want to connect to Hubdoc. For example, American Express.  

4. Enter in your credentials to login to that company's website.  

5. Watch the magic as Hubdoc logs in and downloads all the historical documents available in your online account.

6. Hubdoc will create a folder with your company name. For example, American Express. 

7. Hubdoc will automatically create subfolders for each account if you have multiple accounts with a company. 

Hubdoc will pull in all sub-accounts associated with the online portal. you can choose which sub-accounts Hubdoc will fetch from by hiding accounts. To learn more about hiding accounts, Click Here.

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