Two Factor Authentication - How Hubdoc Handles It

Hubdoc supports two factor authentication. What is two factor authentication?

- when you are asked a Personal Verification Question (PVQ) like "What is your favourite colour?"

- when you are emailed/texted a one time code - "Please enter the code that Chase bank just texted to "647-555-1212"

How we handle Personal Verification Questions?

Each time Hubdoc is asked a personal verification question (PVQ) by your company, we will prompt you in the application or via email to "Fix Your Account". To fix the account, simply login to Hubdoc and navigate to Manage Accounts and find the account that is highlighted. We will show a message such as "Evernote needs you to answer a security question." 

Hubdoc stores the answers to your personal verification questions. 

Each time you answer a new PVQ, we store it for you. So if you bank has three PVQs, we will likely need you to login into Hubdoc three separate times in the first week or two as we cycle through the PVQs. Once we have all the answers, Hubdoc will be able to login consistently to your acccount. 

If you are being prompted to enter a code you are receiving over text or email, but are unable to input it in the time allotted, it is possible to reprompt the code. To do this:

1) Log into the corresponding Hubdoc account and click "Accounts" in the top right corner.

2) Scroll down within "Manage Accounts" until you see the relevant account and logo. 

3) Click the "Update Accounts" to the left of the account, as seen below. This will rerun our connection. 

 4) As our connection reruns, you will receive a new code via email or text. In the same page, by the account logo, a notification prompting you to input information will appear. Click "Fix it" and input the code you have received.

This should resolve the problem and you should not be asked to input the code again. If you continue to have problems with this account, please feel free to click "Report a Problem", below "Update Accounts", send us an email at, or call us at (800) 577-2842.


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