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Do you have a particular account that you don't want Hubdoc to fetch for you? The most typical scenario is a bank login that fetches personal and business bank accounts. You want to share the business bank account with your accountant but not the personal one. It is none of their business! Here is how you do that with Hubdoc. In the example below, I am going to hide one of my American Express accounts. 

1. Add the connection to your bank or credit card company (this works with any connection where you have multiple accounts). 

2. The first time you connect, Hubdoc will map the website and determine how many accounts are available to download. It will create folders for each account and download all the available statements for each account. In the screenshot below, you will see two folders created beneath American Express. 

3. To hide (or stop fetching) one of the accounts, simply navigate to Manage Accounts and select the Hide Accounts tab. Select the account you want to hide, and click toggle the radio button to 'Stop Fetching'. Hubdoc will not longer fetch new documents for this account.

4. To delete all the account history for this particular folder, navigate back to the Hubdoc screen and delete the folder for the account that you just have hidden by clicking on the arrow and selecting Delete Folder. This will move all the documents in this folder to the trash. To complete the process, you can empty the Trash folder by selecting the Trash folder and hitting the Empty Trash button. 

5. Mission accomplished. You have successfully hidden an account. 


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    Shari Carlson

    it would be nice if we had the option to stop fetching PRIOR to the initial fetching.
    especially for bank accounts that have YEARS of statements and check copies and other docs.
    this is also pertinent to bookkeepers/accountants that are American Express account managers for DOZENS of clients (some with multiple accounts) all on one Account Manager logon (no, American Express will not allow you to have a different account manager logon for each client.)

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