Rename A Folder

Follow these instructions to rename a folder. 

1. In the column on the left of your Hubdoc screen with all of your folders, mouse over the folder you want to rename. 

2. A triangle pointing down will appear to the right of the folder. Click on the triangle pointing down. See the screenshot below. 

3. Select Rename Folder. 

4. Type in new folder name. For example, instead of 8550, type "Checking". 

5. Hit the Return key. Note: using the Tab key does not work. It does not create a new Folder name. 

Note: You must wait until Hubdoc has completed its initial fetch of historical documents before renaming folders. If you rename a folder while documents are still being retrieved, Hubdoc will create another folder with the original name. Renaming a folder after the historical fetch has been completed will not impact future fetches.



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