Default Folder Configurations

When you first create your Hubdoc account, there will be no folders. Once you add your first automated connection or upload a document manually, you will see a "Bills & Statements" (automated connections) or "Uploads" (manual uploads) folder appear. 

Whether your documents have been automatically fetched or manually uploaded into Hubdoc, documents will be sorted into sub-folders by vendor name. For manually uploaded documents, vendor folders will not appear until documents have successfully gone through our data extraction process.

You can add, rename, delete, and move folders according to your preferred configurations, and these will be saved on a going-forward basis. However, please note that if you are adding an automated connection or uploading documents from a new vendor for the first time, Hubdoc will push these into a "Bills & Statements" or "Uploads" folder. This means that if you have renamed or deleted these folders previously, new ones will be created.

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    Cody Stuart

    Is there a setting to not create new folders for uploads. I am looking to have all of the new uploads go into the uploads folder without nesting in a new folder.

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