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Keep client books up-to-date with Hubdoc and Xero HQ. Hubdoc sends alerts to the Xero HQ Activity Feed when documents have been processed (the data has been extracted) and are ready to be published or archivedNote: Alerts are also sent when document processing has failed.


Alerts are triggered based on how many days a processed document lies waiting in Hubdoc (in the Review or Failed tabs) without being published or archived. That number is customizable and can be set for all or individual clients.

To connect with Xero HQ:

  1. Log into Hubdoc using your practice’s administrator account. Note: The administrator account is the Hubdoc account you use as your "master account" to add/remove clients and staff members. Only the administrator account (and not staff accounts) can connect to Xero HQ and set alert rules. 
  2. Go to the ‘Organizations’ page.
  3. Select the ‘Settings’ tab.
  4. On the Practice Integrations tab, click on ‘Add Integration’.
  5. Select ‘Xero HQ’.

Once you have successfully connected your Hubdoc account to Xero HQ, set alert rules.

Setting Alert Rules:

Set Practice Rules:
Note: ‘Practice Rules’ refers to a single rule that applies to all your clients.

  1. Toggle ‘Practice Rules’.
  2. Input how many days processed documents should wait in Hubdoc before an alert is generated in the Xero HQ Activity Feed.


Set Client Rules:

  1. Toggle 'Client Rules'
  2. Click 'Create Rule'.
  3. Select the client(s) you would like to set an alert rule for.
  4. Input how many days processed documents should wait in Hubdoc before an alert is generated in the Xero HQ Activity Feed.

Note: ‘Client Rules’ and ‘Practice Rules’ can be enabled simultaneously. If a rule is set for an individual client, it will override the practice rule. This way, you can set a general rule for your practice, as well as special rules for clients who have unique needs.


How Alerts Work in Xero HQ:

Hubdoc alerts are smart - alerts will:

  • Automatically update when the number of documents waiting increases or decreases.
  • Automatically delete when your client's Hubdoc account is no longer exceeding the rules you've set.

Important: if you delete the alert manually in your Activity Feed, you will not receive a new alert if the number of documents waiting changes. You will only receive a new alert once you have processed your documents so that you are no longer exceeding the rule, and then exceed the rule again. 

For this reason, if you want to keep an eye on how many documents are exceeding your rule, we suggest that you do not manually delete the alert in Xero HQ. That way, your alert will stay up to date, and will automatically delete when it no longer applies. 


How Frequently are Alerts Generated or Updated? 

Hubdoc sends alerts to the Xero HQ Activity Feed at 7am every morning in your local time so that they are ready when you start your day (alerts are not "real-time").

New alerts will be created and existing alerts will be updated or deleted at this time.


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