Managing Multiple Account Access

Hubdoc is a great tool for collaborating with clients or co-workers, allowing multiple parties to work on the same account. This can, however, lead to some confusion when you are working with multiple accounts.

When a user signs up for a Hubdoc account, a new account is automatically created, even if the user is only signing up to collaborate on an existing account. The email and password used to sign up become their master credentials and are used for accessing their Hubdoc account and any accounts they have access to.

If you are providing a client with access to a previously created account or inviting a colleague as a collaborator to your company account, it is important to remember the following:

1. The invited user will most likely enter their company in the “Company” field when creating their account. If this is the same name as your existing account, the collaborator will see two accounts with the same name in their Organizations Page.

We therefore recommend a user put their name in the Company field when creating their account, unless the account will be used as the main account for their company.

2. The account created when a user first signs up for Hubdoc becomes the default account for the mobile app. This means that when opening the app, it will automatically enter this master account. In order to upload documents to a different account, the user must toggle out. For details on toggling between accounts, check out the following support article

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