Switching User Accounts in ScanSnap Cloud

To change the user account your ScanSnap is connected to follow these steps:


1. Open up the ScanSnap Cloud application.


2. Select ‘ScanSnap Cloud’ from the options bar in the top left of the screen and click ‘Preferences…’.




3. Once in the Preferences window, click into the ‘Scan Settings’ tab.




4. Navigate to ‘Linked Destination’ and click the ‘Change…’ button.



5. Scroll down to Hubdoc and click ‘Select’.




6. Enter the credentials of the desired Hubdoc account to be linked to the ScanSnap, and hit ‘Authorize’.




Note that if you already have a Hubdoc account configured to your ScanSnap, this will override and change that setting. This is because ScanSnap scanners can only be connected to one Hubdoc account at a time.


7. Read over the terms of agreement and hit ‘Authorize’ once more.


8. Set a memorable nickname for ScanSnap, and allow Hubdoc to obtain saved images.


The ScanSnap will now be connected and scan into to your desired Hubdoc account!

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