Turning Off Data Extraction

All receipts, bills, and statements that are uploaded and/or auto-fetched into Hubdoc go through our data extraction process, that extracts key data from your financial documents. While this tool within Hubdoc is meant to automate the data entry process, you may decide that manual entry is better suited for your workflow.

Some scenarios in which data extraction may not be needed:

  • Hubdoc is used strictly as cloud storage and documents will not be pushed to a downstream cloud integration.
  • A high volume of documents are being uploaded into Hubdoc daily (300+).
  • Manually uploaded documents enter Hubdoc at month-end, and bank reconciliations are due the same day.

If any of the above apply to you and your business, you can opt to turn off data extraction using the following steps:

1. Select 'Accounts' in the upper right-hand corner of your Hubdoc Dashboard.

2. Select the 'Profile' tab.

3. Scroll down to the 'Data Extraction' section.

4. Uncheck the 'Extract data from uploaded documents' checkbox.

5. Click the 'Save changes' button.


This setting can be turned back on at a later date, but will only work on a going-forward basis. Thus, documents that have already been uploaded will not go through our data extraction process and key data will need to be manually entered before publishing to a downstream integration.

Please note that documents that are uploaded when Data Extraction is turned off, will appear in the 'Archived' tab. 

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  • I got this message. What happens to the emails that were sent that didn't make it through due to the limit? Are they being qued and waiting for tomorrow?

    You've reached your daily upload limit
    Hi there,

    You have exceeded Hubdoc's limit of 300 documents per 24 hour period, so some or all of the documents you emailed in have not been added to your account. Please wait until September 27th, 7:11 PM UTC+0 to upload more documents, or go to Accounts > Profile in your browser to turn off data extraction, which removes this cap.

    The Hubdoc Team

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