Transfer a Client’s Payment Between Firms


To transfer the payment of a client’s Hubdoc account to another Accounting or Bookkeeping firm, follow these instructions:


Firm A: Removing the Client

Downgrade client from their "Billing Information" page. Doing this will remove the access to this client account. 

1. Select your firm's name from the "Organizations" page.Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_3.10.44_PM.png

2. Click "Upgrade and Pricing" and select the client from a list of accounts.


3. Click "Downgrade" next to the client's name.



Firm B: Taking on the Client

1. Log in to Hubdoc.

2. Select the "Accounts" button in the top right.


3. Navigate to the "Billing Information" tab.


4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter the new client’s email address in the field provided and click "Add a Client Account”.


5. The client will receive a verification email prompting them to allow access to their Hubdoc account. Once the client accepts this request, the new firm will be responsible for the payments and will also have access as a collaborator.

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