How to search for a document

The Hubdoc search bar is able to search PDFs for any information contained in the document. 

For example, searching snacks in the search bar brought up this PDF invoice from Staples.



Note: this can't be a PDF document consisting of image files. It must be a PDF with text embedded to be searchable.

The Hubdoc search bar can also search by filename. Although, the search by file name needs to be exact. If the filename is "Coles Express_20170216_$60.59.jpg" and you search for $60.59, you won't find the document.

You have to search for the whole file name "Coles Express_20170216_$60.59.jpg" as shown in the following example.


We can only find the total amount, without typing in the entire filename, if the total amount is embedded in a PDF document.

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