How to search for a document

Documents can be searched using the extracted fields

The Hubdoc search bar is able to search any document in Hubdoc via their vendor name, date, or total amount.

For example, Jetstar input in the search bar brings up the available Jetstar invoices.


Searching 20.00 will bring up any document with the amount $20.00 or with this amount as a line item.



Additionally, PDF documents can be searched for any information contained in the document. 

For example, searching snacks in the search bar brought up this PDF invoice from Staples.



Note: this can't be a PDF document consisting of image files. It must be a PDF with text embedded to be searchable.

Searching by the Due Date and Bill Date of a document will also work if these fields have been filled out in the 'Edit Data Bar'.

*Note: the format will need to be 'YYYY-MM-DD' for Hubdoc to find the correct document when searching by Due Date or Bill Date. 


Searching by Notes

To search by 'Notes', enter any of the text in a 'note' and Hubdoc will list all of the documents containing that text. 

For example, searching the word cottage brought up this gas receipt with the note gas to cottage.Screen_Shot_2018-03-16_at_9.29.06_AM.png


Searching by Document Type

To search by document type, Hubdoc requires this specific framework in the search bar doc_type:[space optional]<type> 

The list of document types can be found in the 'Edit Data Bar' in the 'Document Type' dropdown menu (Ex. Invoice, Receipt, Check, Purchase Order, etc). Capitalization does not matter when entering the document type in the search bar. 



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  • Avatar
    Michael Young

    seriously you can't search by dollar amount that hubdoc uses to publish, shall I be nice and say " very disappointing search function in hubdoc!!!!'

  • Avatar
    Kirk Johnson

    It would be great to be able to search by date, but that doesn't seem to be possible.

  • Avatar
    Denise Nieves

    I have never been able to search by anything.

  • Avatar
    Ivette Cortes

    I tried following the directions on searching by doc_type: receipt and nothing appeared. I know for a fact there are receipts in our archived. How do I access them?

  • Avatar

    PLEASE allow search by dollar amount that hubdoc uses to publish!

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Dimeck

    Why can't files be searched by any field Hubdoc uses to publish? This is very important functionality to my firm and my clients!!!

  • Avatar
    Sandra Defillat

    Would be nice to be able to search by name, amount, date, etc.

  • Avatar
    Matt Bunston

    Hi Sandra! Our search functionality has been updated. You can now search by any of the above fields :). Please try within your account.

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