Organizing Old Documents by Year

Happy New Year!

Time to clean up those documents and start fresh!

If you would like to move all your documents from 2016 into a separate folder, please follow these simple steps!

  1. Click 'New Folder'.

  1. Name the folder the year that you are organizing.

  1. Select the documents you would like to file into last year's folder. If you would like to select multiple documents at once, hold the shift key and selecting the first and last document. Once you have selected the documents, drag and drop them into the new folder.

  1. To organize your documents by vendor, you will need to create a new vendor folder within last year's folder. If you simply drag the original, existing vendor folder into the new 2016 folder, all newly fetched documents will continue to populate within the 2016/Vendor folder. Once you have created the new vendor folder under the 2016 folder, select the documents and drag and drop them into the new folder.

  1. Each year you can create a new folder for the previous year and repeat the process.
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    Barton Jaques

    How do you select the first and last documents *efficiently*? I dumped about 1600 PDFs into HubDoc as I thought that was its forte, but now to move or sort those individual receipts, invoices, etc, I'm facing Hubdoc's fixed-format list with chunky icons, at most 10-15 entries on screen at a time, and 1-3 seconds to lazy-load the data for each new batch of 10-15. If there's 1000 of them (there's more) that would be 100-300 seconds (2-5 minutes) *just to scroll the list to the bottom. Then, if it hasn't crashed, mouse-drag, halt, and drop, without any mis-clicks (I make plenty of those).

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