Unrecognized Guid Format (Xero error)


A GUID stands for “Globally Unique Identifier” which is a unique reference number used as an identifier in various software platforms.


When publishing to Xero, this error message can appear for any number of reasons. Below are three of the most common reasons for this particular error message:


1. Publishing a Negative Dollar Amount

This error can occur when attempting to publish a document with a negative dollar amount to Xero. Unfortunately, Hubdoc does not support publishing negative amounts to a destination. Our recommendation is to publish the document to Xero with the corresponding positive dollar amount. Once the document is in Xero you may then edit the amount to reflect the negative amount.


2. The invoice has been noted as "paid" in Xero

If an invoice has already been noted as "paid" in Xero, or it has already been matched with a line item from the bank feed, Xero will not allow you to modify this invoice. To solve this, alter the invoiceID or delete the duplicate invoice in Xero and then re-publish the document from Hubdoc.


3. Publishing a payment without an invoice number

When publishing as a “Payment” with a blank Invoice Number. When creating a payment, the payment needs to be made on an existing invoice which is why it is required to provide either the Invoice ID or the Invoice Number of the existing invoice.



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  • That is a terribly misleading error message. What on earth would an empty invoice number have to do with a GUID? I almost didn't bother clicking the link to this article because I was certain that there wasn't anything I could possibly do to affect a GUID in your Xero interface.

  • This fixed my probably completely. Duh, I had left the bank account blank

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